What people say...

“I am thoroughly enjoying my Woven Yogi Rug! Initially it was the logo that compelled me. A simple design that so profoundly said so much. The natural fibers of the rug complement the integrity of my practice. I purchased the mat at the perfect time as I was creating a room for my Reiki practice. I believe the energy in this design sets the tone for healing to occur.”
— Donna

“I like the gentle warmth of the wool on the cold floor and use it for exercise. The wool isn't itchy so it feels great. I like it much better than my regular mat. Some strange sense of softness and loft. When not in use I hang it on the wall. After all it is beautiful too.”
— Jude

“I LOVE my Woven Yogi rug!! It's so nice, high quality, and always catches peoples attention. As an avid yogi I'm always aware of quality because I practice yoga so often and I've been so pleased with its durability. After reading the story behind the rugs and their conception I have fallen in love with mine even more!”
— Victor

“Of course I love my Woven Yogi! I use it on top of my rubber sticky mat and it immediately defines a cozy yoga space. It warms up the practice environment and I know it was made with love, so it adds an energetic dimension to my practice (and my teaching! I teach on it). I was immediately drawn to the graphic and the materials. Simple and natural. All the colors are so beautiful, it was hard to choose. But as a Kundalini yogi, I had to go with natural. I see another in my future.”
— Mary

“The woven Yogi rug has magic. Every pose I do I am connecting with individual forms woven into the rug. They are in the cosmic flow of our human body. Using the rug almost daily for the last 10 month it looks as good as new.”
— Silvia

“... I rolled it up a bit and sat cross legged while we did our guided pillar of light meditation. With my arms above my head, I realized I was sitting like the image on the rug! It was calming and powerful!! The first time my feet didn't fall asleep!”
— Susan