Meet Manuel and Esmirna Lazo, the creative, skillful weavers of these rugs. They live in the village of Teotitlan in Oaxaca, Mexico. It is an honor to know and work with them.

Manuel is weaving a Woven Yogi rug.  The designs at the base of the rug are from traditional Zapotec Indian patterns. The steps symbolize the circle of life, and the small stripes across the rug represent teeth, symbolizing a smile.   

The Zapotec word for rug is "laddi guich".

Esmirna is tying on a new warp.  It is an efficient way to get the warp onto the loom.

These images show you the dying and weaving process. As you can see, everything is done by hand.

Here you see some of Mama Natures' materials used to create the dyes.

Below, you see Manuel creating the warp for the rug. The warp is the yarn that you put onto the loom. You have to be warped to weave. :)

Here you can see the dye vat, filled with pomegranate.