Light Walnut Pecan with Natural Accents


Image of Light Walnut Pecan with Natural Accents

This rug was handwoven in Oaxaca, Mx, in the village of Teotitlan, by a family who has been weaving for generations.

The warp (of which all you can see is the fringe) is made of cotton, and the weft, (the whole design that you can see), is wool. All of the wool is either in its’ natural state, or dyed using materials from Mother Nature. These natural materials are collected in the land surrounding the weavers home. The preparation and dying of the yarn is extensive.

The creation of a rug is time consuming and labor intensive, and requires the skill of a seasoned weaver.

This rug is woven with a base color derived from walnuts and pecans. The accent colors are un-dyed natural fleece in grey tones.

Dimensions: 68in x 24 1/2in

This will fit right over your yoga mat, and is reversible.