I am a weaver, Kundalini yoga practitioner and teacher. In Kundalini yoga, we practice on a natural fiber surface, ideally wool. Not only does it feel great, it is the best for your electromagnetic field.

One day, some years ago, I went to meditate on the beach of the Long Island Sound in Connecticut. As I finished, I bowed my head down to the sand with my arms above my head, hands together. When I got up, I looked at the impression that my legs, head and arms left in the sand. This became the inspiration for the rug design.  

A couple of years later, on a family trip to Oaxaca, MX, I met Esmirna and Manuel Lazo selling their handwoven rugs. They were able to take my hand drawn design and weave a rug, exactly the way I requested. I was thrilled - Wahe Guru! (an expression of the ecstasy of indescribable wisdom)

Here is a rug, made so exquisitely, merging two things that I love, yoga and weaving. I practice yoga and meditation on it every day. When I travel, this rug travels with me. The rug's high quality craftsmanship combined with all natural fibers makes it super durable and comfortable. Made with love and integrity, nature inspired colors and design help you in your practice.

It is my honor to provide these rugs. It is my wish that each of us be inspired daily to work toward our fullest potential as human beings. May you always feel right at home with your Woven Yogi. May you be in touch with your true nature, your intelligent, expansive self, woven into every cell of your being.

Peace out, and in.